• Bioreactors developed that drastically reduce de-cellularization times
    • – Potential for additional growth as the processes and equipment mature and evolve
    • – Used to process organic bio-scaffolds for stem cell seeding to create organs for transplant
  • Equine stem cell line developed for joint injections to repair cartilage and tissue damaged in horse racing and polo industries
    • – Provides a superior alternative to serial steroid injections
    • – Provides ideal animal model for translation into human joint therapies
  • Innovative methods developed for stem cell transplantations and organ growth, development, and differentiation
    • – Bio-engineered cartilage grafts for ear and nose surgeries
    • – Bio-engineered heart valves
    • – Major organs (bio-engineered kidneys and bio-engineered lungs)
    • – Bio-engineered bone marrow
    • – Bio-engineered pancreas

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