CNN: Human Lung Made In Lab For First Time

(CNN) — For the first time, scientists have created human lungs in a lab — an exciting step forward in regenerative medicine, but an advance that likely won’t help patients for many years.

“It’s so darn cool,” said Joan Nichols, a researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch. “It’s been science fiction and we’re moving into science fact.”


Featured On ABC News

HOUSTON (KTRK) — More than 1,600 people are on the waiting list for a lung transplant. Now, scientists at UTMB in Galveston have come up with something that will give them hope. For the first time, scientists have successfully grown human lungs in the lab.

Growing organs may seem like science fiction, but it’s the goal of medical researchers because so many people need organ transplants and many die waiting for one. READ MORE AT ABC

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riddle institute founders

Meet Our Founders

The Riddle Institute For Regenerative Medicine was founded by Dr. Michael Riddle Jr., Dr. Joan Nichols, Dr. Joaquin Cortiella and Marvin Boedeker.

Our mission to create a new standard of care to improve the quality of life for our patients through innovation and development of new technologies in the realm of tissue engineering. The highest priority of the Riddle Institute is to bring tissue therapies to market making them readily available to patients in an efficient and timely manner once proven safe and effective. We are able to achieve this mission using an efficient business model collaborating with the best minds of tissue engineering in the industry.