Dr. Joaquin Cortiella – Founder

  • bio_photo_cortiellaDirector of the University of Texas Medical Branch Regenerative and Nano-medicine Laboratory
  • Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
  • US Army Medical Corp Colonel serving with the 399th Combat Support Hospital in Massachusetts
  • M.D. from Boston University Medical School
  • B.A. from Harvard
  • Extensive expertise in tissue engineering including production of skin, lung, cartilage (trachea repair/replacement) and hematopoietic tissues
  • Extensive expertise in the isolation and characterization of adult stem cell populations from animal and human tissues including bone marrow, trachea, heart, kidney and the lung
  • Experience using adult and embryonic stem cells as well as tissue engineering techniques to produce human ex-vivo organoids/tissue constructs to use as human model systems to study disease pathogenesis, tissue response to injury and mechanisms of cellular/tissue healing