Marvin Boedeker – Founder

  • bio_photo_boedekerFounder and President of Boedeker Plastics. Boedeker Plastics stocks the most extensive selection of engineering and industrial plastics in the industry. Products are delivered from an assortment of well-established and respected companies, as well as some of the most innovative manufacturers of engineering plastic stock shapes on the scene today.
  • Boasting over 100 years combined experience in industrial and engineering products, Boedeker Plastics’ employee-base has the unique knowledge necessary to take customer service a step beyond others in the field. Boedeker Plastics offer in-house engineering assistance to aid clients in choosing the proper plastic material for their application as well as an in-house CNC machine shop to machine parts from CAD files or drawings.
  • Boedeker Plastics continues to be a leading supplier of plastics in the Aerospace, Medical, and Petroleum industries and has been a key contributor in manufacturing bioreactors used in research by The Riddle Institute.